Sunday, 30 June 2013

Half Time Report

In the words of that great philosopher Jon Bon Jovi:  'Whoa we're halfway there!'

Time then to review my 'Thirteen for '13', look at tactics, bring on some substitutes and dish out some Fergie style hairdryer treatments!

So how are we doing so far?

1. Meeting Twitter friends: None so far, but plans afoot for the Summer- a few beers to be quaffed! Nearly encountered some twitterati at the Nordicana Show with Mrs C but as we look nothing like a Mr Man or a rabbit, we missed our target!

2. Michael Gove will see sense: Hmm!

3. I will find more good value wine: Two euros again for a decent French Red- success. 

4. I want to read at least 20 books. Five so far- but that is what the Summer holidays are for.

5. My writing will be discovered:  Not yet- I might post my sitcom on here for a wider audience.

6. The mighty 'People's Club' will win some much deserved silverware: Respectable season saw Moyes taking a trip up the East Lancs Road. Martinez has respect of fans though. 

7. Liars paying the price for their actions: Two good friends have had success there. 

8. I will cook a new recipe at least twice a month and share it with my Twitter friends: Cooked, some shared and a food blog on its way, as soon as my blog partner designs the site!

9. Greater financial sense! What is it with teenaged girls!

10. Gardening news: Courgettes looking OK at the moment, and just spotted first tomato flowers!

11. Common sense will prevail in education. Twigg really does not have a clue does he. This morning on the Andrew Marr Show he told us . . . . well nothing really.

12. There will be positive action in Parliament to DVA: Cameron's response to the Philpott case, blaming benefit culture, was a disgrace. The recent very public assault of Nigella Lawson proves that DV transcends all boundaries of class and well being. 

13. We will all be in a happier place by this time next year!: Save that one until Christmas!

Verdict: Must ensure focus is maintained upon the targets set to realise the potential therein. Must use that on my reports!