Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fifty Word Stories

I blogged about this before. Fifty words for a story is a challenge for adult writers, particularly if the rule is that no words can be repeated.

My writers club after school today were challenged to suggest a character, a setting and an object. They chose 'Charlie', the woods and a sword, all of which had to feature in their work.

This is the piece we came up with together, editing the pronouns and articles so that they didn't repeat.

Fossil Woods stood tall, dark and brooding. Something snuffled through the undergrowth searching more in hope than expectation for hidden treasure. Suddenly a glint caught his eye, then snagged Charlie's paw. Sir Brian would be pleased! He had found, after several years of trying, Excalibur; King Arthur's almighty, powerful sword.

This is the best independent effort from the children.

He staggered sluggishly up California's creepy sidewalk on Devon Avenue. Shimmering brightly in the Sun, a copper Caspian made sword lay in front of the neighbours' house. Mum stopped outside shouting 'Have you packed for the trip?' Charlie hated camping. He raised the weapon, and struck his mother down dead.

They said it was the hardest thing they had ever written. However they could do 300 words with little difficulty!

Have a go yourself!

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